City of London by J Jackson Bentley
City of London is a series of thriller novels by British novelist J. Jackson Bentley. This is a contemporary, gritty and believable thriller series set in London, England.

J. Jackson Bentley began his City of London series in 2010 with the novel 48 Hours. Below is a list of J. Jackson Bentley’s City of London books in order of when they were first published (which is the same as their chronological order):

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Publication Order of City of London Books

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City of London Thriller Synopses: In 48 Hours by J. Jackson Bentley (book 1 of the series), Josh Hammond has been ordered to pay £250,000 within 48 hours or he will die. Is it a joke? The attack on him during broad daylight followed by deaths all around him indicate otherwise. Will Josh be able to raise the money in time? Will his new attractive bodyguard be able to protect him? But most importantly, will he be able to raise the money before time runs out?

In Chameleon by J. Jackson Bentley (book 2 of the series), Vastrick Security must keep an African Stateswoman alive for just 72 hours so she can deliver a speech that will change the world. Not too difficult a task unless several African despots, rogue security forces and the world’s deadliest assassin are all wanting her dead.

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