Codys Law by Matthew S Hart
Cody’s Law is a series of western novels written under the house name of Matthew S. Hart (James Reasoner & Bill Crider). The series was edited by Book Creations, Inc. (BCI), the company responsible for many western and historical fiction series. The Cody’s Law series includes the “only vampire/lesbian/cannibal/incest western” ever published (The Prisoners), and despite that, author Reasoner calls the novel “a decent traditional western with a stalwart hero [Texas Ranger Sam Cody], a villainous outlaw, and plenty of ridin’ and shootin’.”

Matthew S. Hart began the Cody’s Law series in 1991 with the novel Gunmetal Justice. Despite being originally planned and contracted for 14 novels, Bantam cancelled the series after the 12th novel, 1995’s Comanche Code. Below is a list of Matthew S. Hart’s Cody’s Law books in order of when they were originally published (which is the same as their chronological order):

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Publication Order of Cody's Law Books

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Cody’s Law Synopsis: In Bounty Man by Matthew S. Hart, it’s a family reunion, as Texas Ranger Sam Cody’s long-lost uncle, and legendary bounty hunter, John Barrett shows up in Twin Creeks. He’s just shot three outlaws dead and taken another in alive. When some hired guns try to break his prisoner out, Cody and Uncle John have to team up to keep Twin Creeks safe.

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