DI Marjory Fleming by Aline Templeton
D.I. Marjory Fleming is the protagonist in a series of crime thriller novels by Scottish novelist Aline Templeton. Detective Inspector Marjory Fleming is tough with a sense of humour and a passion for justice. After visiting Galloway and seeing how hard the region was hit by the foot-and-mouth epidemic, Templeton decided to set her crime fiction series in the rural area.

Aline Templeton began her D.I. Marjory Fleming series in 2005 with the novel Cold in the Earth. The series is currently ongoing. Below is a list of Aline Templeton’s D.I. Marjory Fleming books in order of when they were originally published (which is the same as their chronological order):

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Publication Order of DI Marjory Fleming Books

Cold In The Earth(2005)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
The Darkness & the Deep(2006)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Lying Dead(2007)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Lamb To The Slaughter(2008)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Dead In The Water(2009)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Cradle to Grave(2010)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Evil for Evil(2012)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Bad Blood(2013)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
The Third Sin(2015)Description / Buy at Amazon.com

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D.I. Marjory Fleming Synopses: In Cold in the Earth by Marjory Fleming (book 1 of the series), Marjory Fleming is on her first case, but in order to make it to her second case, she must uncover an evil presence that has been lying in wait for a very long time.

The Darkness & the Deep is the second book in the D.I. Marjory Fleming series. The wreck of the Knockhaven lifeboat and the death of its crew has hit the small Scottish town hard. But things get harder when D.S. Tam MacNee determines that this was no accident. Could it be vandals, drug-related or was it someone who wanted so badly to kill one person that they took two others at the same time? If the latter is the case, who was the target? D.I. Fleming and her team must find out which of these possibilities is correct, while the community anxiously waits for justice to be served.

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