Dolan Brothers Heart Series by Dorothy Garlock
The Dolan Brothers is a series of historical romance novels by American author Dorothy Garlock. The books start around the Turn of the Century and end in 1945. The series is also known as the Hearts series.

Dorothy Garlock began the Dolan Brothers series in 1991 with the novel Ribbon in the Sky. She would follow it up 7 years later with With Hope in 1998. The final novel was the fifth in the series, which was 2000’s After the Parade. Below is a list of Dorothy Garlock’s Dolan Brothers books in order of when they were first published (which is the same as the chronological order):

Publication Order of Dolan Brothers Books

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Dolan Brothers Synopses: In Ribbon in the Sky by Dorothy Garlock (book 1 in the series), Letty Pringle is forced by her father to raise her son on a farm in Nebraska.

With Song is book 3 in the Dolan Brothers series. Molly witnesses her parents gunned down and will now be used as bait in order to identify the gunmen.

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