Earl Swagger is the creation of American author Stephen Hunter. Earl Swagger is the father of Bob Lee Swagger, who has his own series of novels.

Earl is a police officer and war veteran, and his stories are set in the mid-1900s.

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Publication Order of Earl Swagger Books

Chronological Order of Earl Swagger Books

Publication Order of Swagger Collections

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2 Responses to “Order of Earl Swagger Books”

  1. Mark94066: 10 years ago

    So, should I read the Earl Swagger or bobby Lee Swagger series first? Or, should I read them in order of publication?


    • Graeme: 10 years ago

      I would read Dirty White Boys first. No Swaggers, but it ties in with a Bob Lee story and is really great. Then I would read the original Bob Lee Trilogy – Point of Impact, Black Light, Time to Hunt. Then read the Earl books in publication order.


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