Fred Carver is a fictional character created by American novelist John Lutz, featured in a series of mystery novels. The series is set in Del Moray, Florida. Fred Carver took a bullet to the leg, thus ending his career as an active cop. Also over is his marriage, and the ensuing custody battle he lost.

John Lutz debuted his Fred Carver character in 1986’s Tropical Heat. The series would include 10 installments over 10 years, ending with Lightning in 1996. Below is a list of John Lutz’s Fred Carver novels in order of when they were originally published (which is also their chronology):

Publication Order of Fred Carver Books

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  1. Mojave Son: 9 years ago

    I’ve read all the “Fred Carver” books by John Lutz and enjoyed them all. 🙂


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