John Rain by Barry Eisler
John Rain is the half-Japanese, half-American ex US Special Forces member, a fictional character created by ex-CIA employee Barry Eisler.

John Rain first debuted in the book Rain Fall and has spurred numerous sequels as a recurring main character, in the action thriller series. Below is a list of Barry Eisler’s John Rain books in order of when they were first published:

Publication Order of John Rain Books

Rain Fall/A Clean Kill in Tokyo (2003) |
Hard Rain / Blood from Blood / A Lonely Resurrection (2003) |
Rain Storm (2004) |
Killing Rain / One Last Kill / Redemption Games (2005) |
The Last Assassin / Extremis (2006) |
Requiem For an Assassin / The Killer Ascendant (2007) |
Paris Is A Bitch (2011) |
The Detachment (2011) |
Graveyard of Memories (2014) |
Zero Sum (2017) |
The Killer Collective (2019) |
The Chaos Kind (2021) |

Notes: Rain Fall was also released as A Clean Kill in Tokyo. Hard Rain was also released as Blood from Blood and as A Lonely Resurrection. Rain Storm was also published as Choke Point and as Winner Take All. Killing Rain is also known as One Last Kill and as Redemption Games. The Last Assassin was also published under the title of Extremis. Requiem for an Assassin is also known as The Killer Ascendant.

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2 Responses to “Order of John Rain Books”

  1. ecj: 8 years ago

    Graveyard of Memories is Rain’s recollection of how his career started. It’s set completely in 1972. So I don’t think the chronological order is the same as the publication order..


    • jack burke: 2 months ago

      One would think that the reading of whatever books in whatever order would determine for you what you feel is the apparent timeline according to the writing of the story.


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