Gabriel Du Pre by Peter Bowen
Gabriel Du Pre is the protagonist in a series of mystery novels by American novelist Peter Bowen. The series is set in Montana, featuring Gabriel Du Pre. Du Pre is a Metis who starts out as a cattle inspector, overseeing that cattle sales are on the level. The series is also known as the Montana Mysteries.

Peter Bowen began his Gabriel Du Pre series in 1994 with the novel Coyote Wind. The series continued to be published on an annual basis until 2006 with the novel Nails. The series resumed in 2015 with the novel Bitter Creek. Below is a list of Peter Bowen’s Gabriel Du Pre books in order of when they were originally released (which is also their chronological order):

Publication Order of Gabriel Du Pre Books

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Gabriel Du Pre Synopses: Coyote Wind is the first Montana Mystery novel featuring Gabriel Du Pre. A plane that crashed 30 years ago is found and Gabriel Du Pre finds that one of the skeletons has a bullet in its head.

Specimen’s Song is book 2 in the Gabriel Du Pre series by Peter Bowen. Gabriel finds himself in D.C. with an anthropologist looking into a series of killings of Native Americans.

Notches is book 4 in Peter Bowen’s Gabriel Du Pre Montana Mysteries. The murdered body of a young girl has been ravaged by wildlife, near the home of Gabriel Du Pre. With the FBI not doing anything about it, Gabriel decides to start his own investigation.

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