The Goddess Girls is a series of children’s fantasy books by American authors Suzanne Williams and Joan Holub. The Goddess Girls are various Greek goddesses in the childhood. The girls are all students at Olympus Academy on Mount Olympus. The girls are immortal, although they have no problems befriending mortals. Their principal is Zeus, the father of Athena.

The Goddess Girls series began in 2010 with the book Athena the Brain. The series is currently ongoing. Below is a list of Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams’ Goddess Girls children’s books in order of when they were originally released:

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Publication Order of Goddess Girls Books

(By: Joan Holub, Suzanne Williams)

Athena the Brain(2010)Description / Buy at
Persephone the Phony(2010)Description / Buy at
Aphrodite the Beauty(2010)Description / Buy at
Artemis the Brave(2010)Description / Buy at
Athena the Wise(2011)Description / Buy at
Aphrodite the Diva(2011)Description / Buy at
Artemis the Loyal(2011)Description / Buy at
Medusa the Mean(2012)Description / Buy at
Pandora the Curious(2012)Description / Buy at
Pheme the Gossip(2013)Description / Buy at
Persephone the Daring(2013)Description / Buy at
Cassandra the Lucky(2013)Description / Buy at
Athena the Proud(2014)Description / Buy at
Iris the Colorful(2014)Description / Buy at
Aphrodite the Fair(2014)Description / Buy at
Medusa the Rich(2015)Description / Buy at
Amphitrite the Bubbly(2015)Description / Buy at
Hestia the Invisible(2015)Description / Buy at
Echo the Copycat(2016)Description / Buy at
Calliope the Muse(2016)Description / Buy at
Pallas the Pal(2016)Description / Buy at
Nyx the Mysterious(2017)Description / Buy at
Medea the Enchantress(2017)Description / Buy at
Eos the Lighthearted(2018)Description / Buy at
Clotho the Fate(2019)Description / Buy at
Persephone the Grateful(2020)Description / Buy at
Hecate the Witch(2021)Description / Buy at
Artemis the Hero(2022)Description / Buy at

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