The Inspector Celcius Daly series of books is written by Anthony Quinn. The book follows an Inspector in Northern Ireland, an area that has always been a hotbed of violence, and a center for a lot of terror and religious divisions. Things have gotten better in a lot of ways, but the crime still lurks and Daly is there to solve it.

Anthony Quinn is an Irish author and journalist. The journalism career was a surprise to him as he was quite shy and actually needed to go to a communications therapist to overcome those fears. He published the first book in this series, Disappeared, and it became an instant success.

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Disappeared is the first book in the series. Belfast’s awful past is brought into the present in this series. A Special Branch agent named David Hughes has disappeared after looking into the previously closed case of Oliver Jordan, a man who went missing at the hands of the IRA decades ago. A former spy is found bludgeoned death soon after and the weird thing is that he knew it was coming as he put his own obituary in the papers a day before. Inspector Celcius Daly is on the case, as a Catholic detective in a Protestant nation, is exactly the right man for the job.

The next book in the series is Border Angels. A group of girls is brought here from Eastern Europe and forced into a living hell. When one of them takes a ride with a pimp one night, the car explodes. All that remains is his charred body and a set of footprints in the snow. While the other investigators focus on the body, Daly is firmly concentrating on the footprints and all of the things that come with them.

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