Joona Linna by Lars Kepler
Joona Linna is the main character in a series of Scandinavian crime fiction novels by Lars Kepler. Joona Linna is a Chief Inspector for the Swedish Police Force. He is of Finnish descent. He’s described as tall, strong, quiet, charismatic, observant, reliable, fearless and determined. Joona has a past he is secretive about, and the cases he takes on are often based on his own personal past experiences. He is also willing to use whatever method necessary in order to solve a case, such as utilizing psychics and mediums.

Lars Kepler began the Joona Linna series in 2011 with the novel The Hypnotist. The series is currently ongoing. Below is a list of Lars Kepler’s Joona Linna books in order of when they were originally published (which is the same as their chronological order):

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Publication Order of Detective Inspector Joona Linna Books

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Joona Linna Synopsis: In The Hypnotist by Lars Kepler (book 1 of the series), Detective Inspector Joona Linna is interested in a case – a father, mother and daughter have been murdered in Tumba, Sweden. The killer could be anywhere. The oldest daughter was able to escape, but now she may be in danger. Her brother survived the attack, making him the sole witness, but he has suffered over a hundred knife wounds and is in shock. Linna believes the boy cannot be questioned in the traditional method, but he can be hypnotized. He gets Dr. Erik Bark to agree to hypnotize the boy, even though Dr. Bark had given hypnotism up due to the questionable ethics and emotional scars it brings. After breaking his own promise to himself to hypnotize the boy, it causes a chain of horrible events to unravel.

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