Loon Lake Fishing Mysteries by Victoria Houston
The Loon Lake Fishing Mysteries is a series of cozy mystery novels by American author Victoria Houston. The lead character is police chief/fly fisherman Lew Ferris. She solves murders along with the help of a retired dentist. The series is set in Loon Lake, Wisconsin – a fictional town populated by more than its fair share of eccentrics.

Victoria Houston started her Loon Lake Fishing Mysteries series in 2000 with the novel Dead Angler. The series is currently ongoing, with a new novel being published most years. Below is a list of Victoria Houston’s Loon Lake Fishing Mysteries books in order of when they were originally published (which is also their chronological order):

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Publication Order of Loon Lake Mystery Books

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Loon Lake Fishing Mysteries Synopses: The first Loon Lake Fishing Mystery from Victoria Houston is entitled Dead Angler. The series set in Loon Lake, Wisconsin and follows the new Chief of Police, Lewellyn Ferris. Not only is Lew one of the toughest cops around, but she’s also one of the best fly fishers around. But what she doesn’t expect to reel in is a dead body…

Dead Creek by Victoria Houston is the second in the Loon Lake Fishing Mysteries series. Fishing is a way of life in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, but when Doc Osborne catches something unexpected, he becomes the center of a murder mystery that only Chief of Police Lew Ferris can reel him out of.

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