Mary Ann Shaughnessy by Catherine Cookson
Mary Ann Shaughnessy is the protagonist in a series of regional fiction novels by English novelist Catherine Cookson. Mary Ann is a poor young girl who lives in a dockland tenement in Tyneside, North East England. Her goal is to find a better life for her family. The series is also known as the Mary Ann Stories.

Catherine Cookson began her Mary Ann Shaughnessy series in 1954 with the novel A Grand Man. The series contains nine novels and concluded in 1991 with the novel Bill and the Mary Ann Shaughnessy. Below is a list of Catherine Cookson’s Mary Ann Shaughnessy books in order of when they were first published (which is the same as their chronological order):

Publication Order of Mary Ann Shaughnessy Books

A Grand Man(1954)Description / Buy at
The Lord and Mary Ann(1956)Description / Buy at
The Devil and Mary Ann(1958)Description / Buy at
Love and Mary Ann(1961)Description / Buy at
Life and Mary Ann(1962)Description / Buy at
Marriage and Mary Ann(1964)Description / Buy at
Mary Ann's Angels(1965)Description / Buy at
Mary Ann and Bill(1967)Description / Buy at
Bill and the Mary Ann Shaughnessy(2011)Description / Buy at

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Mary Ann Shaughnessy Synopses: Life and Mary Ann by Catherine Cookson is the fifth book in the Mary Ann Shaughnessy series. Mary Ann realizes how sad life can be. While coming to grips with the reality of growing up, she is determined to stay true to herself.

In Marriage and Mary Ann by Catherine Cookson (book 6 of the series), Mary Ann is engaged to be married, and the wedding is coming up fast. But still, she gets involved with some of the problems those close to her are having and tries to solve them.

In Mary Ann’s Angels by Catherine Cookson (book 7), Mary Ann is the mother of twins – one talks, the other is quiet. While Mary Ann and her husband have an argument, one of the twins disappears.

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