Mike Daley Rosie Fernandez by Sheldon Siegel
Mike Daley & Rosie Fernandez are the main characters in a series of legal thriller novels by American novelist Sheldon Siegel. Mike Daley is an ex-priest, a former public defender and used to be a partner in one of the top law firms in all of San Francisco. As the courtroom thriller series begins, he’s starting up his own practice. He teams up with his law partner and ex-wife, Rosie Fernandez.

Sheldon Siegel launched his Mike Daley & Rosie Fernandez series in 2000 with his debut novel Special Circumstances. The series lasted seven novels, concluding in 2010 with Perfect Alibi. Below is a list of Sheldon Siegel’s Mike Daley & Rosie Fernandez books in order of when they were first released (which is the same as their chronological order):

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Publication Order of Mike Daley/Rosie Fernandez Mystery Books

Special Circumstances(2000)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Incriminating Evidence(2001)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Criminal Intent(2002)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Final Verdict(2003)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
The Confession(2004)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Judgment Day(2008)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Perfect Alibi(2009)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Felony Murder Rule(2017)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Serve and Protect(2018)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
First Trial(2019)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Hot Shot(2019)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
The Dreamer(2020)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Final Out(2021)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Last Call(2022)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Double Jeopardy(2022)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Dead Coin(2023)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Last Dance(2024)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
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Mike Daley & Rosie Fernandez Synopsis: In Incriminating Evidence by Sheldon Siegel (book 2 of the Mike Daley series), Mike Daley never expected a call from D.A. Prentice Marshall Gates III. It turns out the D.A., who is running for California attorney general, needs Daley’s help. He’s been arrested. He woke up this morning and found a dead male prostitute’s body in his hotel room bed. Prosecutors want the death penalty, and the amount of evidence on the district attorney’s side isn’t good. Yet it’s still Daley and partner (and ex-wife) Rosie Fernandez’s job to defend him.

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