Moonlight Bay is a suspense/mystery trilogy series of novels by American author Dean Koontz. It follows the character Christopher Snow who discovers a conspiracy involving a military compound. The character suffers from XP, meaning he is extremely sensitive to light.

The first two novels in the trilogy are Fear Nothing and Seize the Night. The final installment titled Ride the Storm has yet to be published. Here is a list of Dean Koontz’s Moonlight Bay trilogy in order:

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Publication Order of Moonlight Bay Books

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Moonlight Bay Synopses: In Fear Nothing (the first of the Moonlight Bay series), Christopher Snow’s personal investigation of his parents’ death is halted by shadowy figures who threaten to take out his girlfriend, best friend and dog. Snow suffers from a rare disease that makes him unable to make contact with any form of light.

In Seize the Night (the second part of the Moonlight Bay trilogy), an old girlfriend’s son is abducted. Christopher Snow and his dog Orson track him to an old military base, which has quite an interesting story to tell in and of itself.

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2 Responses to “Order of Moonlight Bay Books”

  1. DISGRUNTLED: 13 years ago

    A “trilogy” in two parts. Koontz is so contemptuous of his readers! It’s been over a dozen years since we invested our time and money in this series…with no resolution. Koontz also drags out old books and renames them…selling them as new. I’m pretty done with Koontz.


    • Graeme: 13 years ago

      Last news I heard about it was on 2009 that it was going to be written, but still nothing. Crazy.


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