Mrs. Hudson of Baker Street is a series of historical mystery novels by American author Barry S. Brown. The series follows Mrs. Hudson, the landlady of 221B Baker Street – Sherlock Holmes‘ residence. However, in this series, it is not Sherlock solving the mysteries, but rather Mrs. Hudson herself as the lead sleuth.

Barry S. Brown began his Mrs. Hudson of Baker Street series in 2010 with The Unpleasantness at Parkerton Manor. Below is a list of Barry S. Brown’s Mrs. Hudson of Baker Street books in order of when they were first released:

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Publication Order of Mrs. Hudson Of Baker Street Books

The Unpleasantness at Parkerton Manor(2010)Description / Buy at
Mrs. Hudson and the Irish Invincibles(2011)Description / Buy at
Mrs. Hudson in the Ring(2013)Description / Buy at
Mrs. Hudson in New York(2015)Description / Buy at
Mrs Hudson's Olympic Triumph(2017)Description / Buy at
Mrs. Hudson Takes The Stage(2020)Description / Buy at
Mrs. Hudson and the Wild West(2022)Description / Buy at

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Mrs. Hudson of Baker Street Synopsis: The Unpleasantness at Parkerton Manor is the first Mrs. Hudson of Baker Street novel by Barry S. Brown. In 1890, one woman rules the British Empire, while most other women rule no more than their own kitchens. The widow of Constable Tobias Hudson has her own ideas. She has organized the first of its kind consulting detective agency, combining her own unique powers of observation and vast knowledge of criminal investigation with the careful selection of an essential male figurehead. Sherlock Holmes possesses the language and bearing of a gentleman, as well as a haughty self-confidence that clients find reassuring. He brings with him the level-headed Dr. Watson, whose inclusion reassures Mrs. Hudson. Together they will look into the death of Sir Stanley Parkerton who met his fate after a family dinner in which he had the same food and drink as the assembled guests. When the Parkertons’ coachman, who drinks too much and knows too much, is murdered as well, the game is truly afoot. To solve the mystery, Mrs. Hudson and her colleagues must not only sort through the intrigues of both staff and family, they must also contend with the danger posed by the unexpected arrival of the White Rajah of Sarawak and the sudden intrusion of headhunters into the English countryside.

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