Professor Peter Shandy by Charlotte MacLeod
Professor Peter Shandy is the central character in a series of cozy mystery novels by Canadian-American author Charlotte MacLeod. Peter Shandy is a botany professor at the Balaclava Agricultural College. Peter often ends up investigating crimes that occur around his work. He is often joined by librarian Helen Marsh. The series is set in Massachusetts.

Charlotte MacLeod debuted her Professor Peter Shandy character in the novel Rest You Merry, published in 1978. The book was originally a short story that was later expanded into a novel. The series consists of ten novels, concluding with Exit the Milkman in 1996. Below is a list of Charlotte MacLeod’s Professor Peter Shandy books in order of when they were first released (which is the same as their chronological order):

Publication Order of Professor Peter Shandy Books

Rest You Merry (1978)Amazon UK |
The Luck Runs Out (1979)Amazon UK |
Wrack and Rune (1982)Amazon UK |
Something The Cat Dragged In (1983)Amazon UK |
The Curse of the Giant Hogweed (1985)Amazon UK |
The Corpse in Oozak's Pond (1987)Amazon UK |
Vane Pursuit (1989)Amazon UK |
An Owl Too Many (1991)Amazon UK |
Something in the Water (1994)Amazon UK |
Exit the Milkman (1996)Amazon UK |

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Professor Peter Shandy Synopsis: Charlotte MacLeod debuts Peter Shandy in the novel Rest You Merry. Jemima Ames, chairperson at the college, wants Peter Shandy to decorate his house for a fundraiser. After so much badgering, he finally goes crazy and covers his house in all sorts of Christmas decorations, obviously overdoing it. But then he finds Jemima dead on the floor. While the authorities think it’s an accident, Shandy believe Jemima was a victim of murder.

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