Sarah Kelling and Max Bittersohn Mysteries by Charlotte MacLeod
Sarah Kelling & Max Bittersohn is a series of cozy mystery novels by Canadian-American author Charlotte MacLeod. Max Bittersohn is an art security expert/detective, while wife Sarah Kelling is a boarding house owner/socalite. The series is set in Boston, Massachusetts.

Charlotte MacLeod began her Sarah Kelling & Max Bittersohn series in 1979 with the novel The Family Vault. The series is comprised of 12 novels and concluded with the novel The Balloon Man, published in 1998. Below is a list of Charlotte MacLeod’s Sarah Kelling & Max Bittersohn books in order of when they were originally published (which is the same as their chronological order):

Publication Order of Sarah Kelling & Max Bittersohn Mysteries Books

The Family Vault(1979)Description / Buy at
The Withdrawing Room(1980)Description / Buy at
The Palace Guard(1981)Description / Buy at
The Bilbao Looking Glass(1983)Description / Buy at
The Convivial Codfish(1984)Description / Buy at
The Plain Old Man(1985)Description / Buy at
The Recycled Citizen(1987)Description / Buy at
The Silver Ghost(1987)Description / Buy at
The Gladstone Bag(1990)Description / Buy at
The Resurrection Man(1992)Description / Buy at
The Odd Job(1995)Description / Buy at
The Balloon Man(1998)Description / Buy at

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