Sex Love Stiletto by Lauren Layne
Sex, Love and Stiletto is a series of contemporary romance novels by American author Lauren Layne. The series follows the columnists of the magazine Stiletto. These aggressive female columnists will do whatever it takes in order to get a story, except for one thing – fall in love. The series spins off into Layne’s Oxford series featuring the male writers of the magazine.

Lauren Layne began her Sex, Love and Stiletto series in 2013 with her debut novel After the Kiss. The series lasted four novels, concluding with the 2015 book The Trouble with Love. Below is a list of Lauren Layne’s Sex, Love and Stiletto books in order of when they were first published (which is the same as their chronological order):

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Publication Order of Sex, Love & Stiletto Books

After the Kiss(2013)Description / Buy at
Love the One You're With(2013)Description / Buy at
Just One Night(2014)Description / Buy at
The Trouble with Love(2015)Description / Buy at

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Sex, Love & Stiletto Synopsis: After the Kiss by Lauren Layne is the first book of the series. Julie Greene is excited by the fling, the steamy first date, the first kiss and the first time between the sheets. Lazy Sundays? Not so much. But when Julie gets assigned the hardest story of her career – a first-person account of that magical shift between dating and marriage – she’ll need a man brave enough to give a total commitment-phobe a chance at more. Normally, Mitchell Forbes would be exactly that man. A devastatingly hot workaholic who tends to stay in relationships for far too long, he should be the perfect subject for Julie’s “research.” But what Julie doesn’t know is that Mitchell is looking something different now. And the leggy journalist notorious for avoiding love is exactly the type of no-strings-attached fling he’s looking for. In other words, Mitchell is the polar opposite of what Julie needs right now. But then, isn’t she exactly what she wants?

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