Treading Water by Marie Force
Treading Water is a series of contemporary romance novels by American author Marie Force. The series is set largely in Newport, Rhode Island but also takes place in locations like Nashville, Tennessee and Stowe, Vermont.

Marie Force began her Treading Water series in 2011 with the title novel. The series was originally designed as a trilogy, but was expanded into a tetralogy with Coming Home, which is planned to be the final novel of the series. It is strongly recommended by the author. Below is a list of Marie Force’s Treading Water books in order of when they were first released (which is also their chronological order):

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Publication Order of Treading Water Books

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Treading Water Synopsis: In Treading Water by Marie Force, Jack Harrington is caring for his comatose wife and three daughters when he meets Andi Walsh, an interior designer, hired to decorate his hotel in Newport, RI. Andi is a single mom to a deaf son. The two develop a long-distance relationship while Jack is still caring for his wife. Once Jack thinks he’s finally settled, things get more complicated and he begins to think he’ll never be happily ever after.

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