Tweed and Co by Colin Forbes
Tweed & Co. is a series of spy thriller novels by British novelist Colin Forbes. Tweed is an agent with the Secret Intelligence Service, who works alongside Paula Gray and Bob Newman (the “co” part of the title).

Colin Forbes began his Tweed & Co. series in 1982 with the novel Double Jeopardy. The series lasted 24 novels, concluding in 2006 with The Savage Gorge (which was published after Forbes’ death). Below is a list of Colin Forbes’ Tweed & Co. novels in order of when they were first published (which is also their chronological order):

Publication Order of Tweed & Co. Books

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Tweed and Co. Synopses: Double Jeopardy is the first Tweed & Co. novel by Colin Forbes. When a British agent is found murdered in Germany, complete with a neo-Nazi symbol carved into his back, the agents must determine whether or not this is a neo-Nazi job or if it’s the Russians who were actually behind it. But if they take too long, they might be the next…

Terminal by Colin Forbes is the second Tweed & Co. novel. Bob Newman receives word that a suspicious package has been smuggled across a border during the cover of night and it links the Berne Clinc and Terminal together. But what is Terminal and why does the SIS want to find out so bad?

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