The At Risk (featuring character Win Garano) is a murder mystery series of books by American author Patricia Cornwell.

The first book in the series – At Risk – was adapted to a TV movie starring actress Andie MacDowell. Below is a list of Patricia Cornwell’s At Risk series of novels:

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Publication Order of Winston Garano Books

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Win Garano / At Risk Synopsis: At Risk is set in Boston. An attractive and ambitious defense attorney, Monique Lamont, is starting a new anti-crime initiative to try and run for governor. She assigns Win Garano – her number one investigator – on a cold case, but as Garano looks into it, things don’t seem to add up. At Risk was made into a made-for-TV movie.

The sequel to At Risk, The Front starts off with Monique Lamont launching the No Neighbor Left Behind anti-crime initiative. She orders Win Garano to look into a cold case involving a blind woman who was murdered in 1962, suspecting that she was the first victim of the Boston Strangler.

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