Welcome to June!  We’re just a few weeks away from Summer.

That’ll be the topic of this months mailbag actually – Summer reading.  I know a lot of people who plan out their Summer reading and read specific genres of books during the Summer.

I’ve had a great reading month.  I raced through the entire John Wells series by Alex Berenson.  These are spy thrillers and are absolutely amazing.  

They were so good that they actually got an out loud reaction from me at one point.  There was a scene so extremely tense and it didn’t work out good for our hero – and when I realized it wasn’t working out good I actually yelled “NO” out loud.  That’s how invested I was in the character.

I spoke to the author about it and he said that he really enjoyed drawing the tension out in that part.  It was one of those scenes where he really drew it out and you just want to read really fast to find out what happens but also read slow to soak it all in.

If you’re a fan of books like the Mitch Rapp or Scot Harvath series or anything remotely close to that, I can’t recommend the John Wells series enough.  Chronological order is the same as publication and that’s easily the best way to read it.

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Book Recommendations:

Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry: Rot & Ruin is the first book in the “Benny Imura” series.  These are young adult horror novels but they’re a really cool series to read.  They focus on Benny Imura, a teenager who is living in a post-apocalyptic world.  Not just any post-apocalyptic world though – in this one, zombies have taken over!  I read this a couple of years ago when I was really into YA fiction and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  If you’re a fan of zombie apocalypse stuff you’ll really dig it.  Read more about Rot & Ruin.

Western Approaches by Graham Hurley: You might already know the English crime fiction author Graham Hurley from his popular Faraday & Winter series however he has written another book series that is getting a fantastic reception.  It’s the DS Jimmy Suttle series.  It’s only 4 books long so far but the first book, Western Approaches, is a great one.  A rich man, Jake Kinsey, is found dead.  Everyone thinks it was suicide except for DS Jimmy Suttle who suspects it’s a murder.  The usual gritty stuff you can expect from Hurley.  Read more about it.

The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan/Brandon Sanderson: The first book in the Wheel of Time series.  The Wheel of Time is an epic fantasy series which began in 1990. It was actually only intended to go for 6 novels however went for a lot more than that. it’s an absolutely incredible fantasy series and if you’re a fan of fantasy, you need to read it. Many of the books would appear regularly on the NYT best seller list. It’s one of the most popular fantasy series on our site and for good reason. For more details on it,  click here.

June 2017 Book of the Month:

Joseph Finder – The Switch

Joseph Finder is one of my personal favourite authors.  Whether he is writing books in the Jack Reacher-like series, “Nick Heller” or standalone thrillers I just can’t get enough.

I’m really excited about The Switch as it’s such a cool plot.  Just a little mix up at the airport – a man who is returning from a business trip picks up the wrong Macbook at the security line at the airport.  However what he discovers on that Macbook is huge.  Then he refuses to give it back to the rightful owner – a US senator.

I’m counting the days until it and I just can’t wait.  If you haven’t yet, read some of the standalone thrillers by Joseph Finder.  I personally like Power Play the most but they’re all pretty great.

Click Here.

Your Thoughts:

Last month I asked you about the worst book to movie adaptations.  The feedback is later in the newsletter.

This month I want to ask What do you usually read during the Summer?

Do you read anything different?  Or tend to read the same books as usual?

I usually use the Summer to go through a lot of the standalone thrillers that have been on the best seller lists as I go on a lot of trips and like to associate books with trips.  Like Noah Hawley’s Before the Fall for example.  I saved that one for a trip we went on and read it during the trip.  Now whenever I think of those few days in Ottawa, I always associate that book with it.

Other than that I have a lot of time to read during the Summer so I usually invest that time in a Stephen King novel or something of similar length.

What about you?  What are you planning on reading this Summer?

E-mail us your feedback to site@OrderOfBooks.com or just reply to this e-mail, and we’ll pick the best comments and feature it in next months newsletter.

Reader Mailbag:

Each month two random submitters win a $25 gift certificate for Amazon.     This months winners are Barb who wrote:

Janet Evanovich- — One for the Money.  Did not like the cast choices. I love the book series.​​​​​​​

And Sheila who wrote:

Its a real toss up for me to choose worst adaptions.
Yes I am an avid reader and will read on occasion books for teens or the younger set. Like to be able to converse with my grand children on what they are reading. And I have two daughters that are elementary teachers, so I like to pass on books for them as well.
1. The Bridge to Terabithia   – book was very entertaining, but the only thing in common with the movie was the title
2. Ink Heart – pretty sure here the person who did the adaption never read the book. Loved the series glad they didn’t try to make more of the movie.
My personal favorites for authors – Clive Cussler, Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston. And so many others.  I average two books a week and most read books in order, you website is a great help and I use it constantly.
Keep up the good work adding more authors.

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