Order of Wingfeather Saga Books

The Wingfeather Saga is a series of Christian children’s fantasy novels by American author Andrew Peterson. The Wingfeather Saga follows the Igiby siblings – Janner, Tink and Leeli. Along with their dog Nugget, they must protect the legend and jewels of the King Wingfeather from the Fangs of Dang.


Order of Andrew Peterson (Christian) Books

Andrew Peterson is an American author of Christian-themed children’s fantasy novels. He writes the Wingfeather Saga, and is not to be confused with the thriller author of the same name. Andrew is also a songwriter and musician in addition to being a published novelist. He runs the Rabbit Room, which is a group of songwriters, […]


Order of Nathan McBride Books

Nathan McBride is the protagonist in a series of military thriller novels by American novelist Andrew Peterson. Nathan McBride is a former CIA covert ops specialist who is being called out of retirement following a failed mission that left him disfigured. He works alongside his partner/best friend Harv.


Order of Andrew Peterson Books

Andrew Peterson is an American novelist of thrillers. Peterson started writing in the fiction field in 1990, writing short stories and trying his hand at screenplays. After attending a writer’s conference in 2005, he got serious about writing novels and he began his Nathan McBride series. While on book tours, Andrew frequently makes visits to […]