Order of Frank Quinn Books

Frank Quinn is the protagonist in a series of psychological suspense thriller novels by American author John Lutz. Quinn is a ruthless homicide detective who hunts down serial killers like Daniel Danielle. If you read this series, you will also want to check out Lutz’s Night series, which this is a spin-off of.


Order of Night Books

The Night series is a series of psychological suspense-thrillers by American novelist John Lutz. The series deals with night prowlers and serial killers. The fourth book of the Night series is also the first book of Lutz’s Frank Quinn series.


Order of Fred Carver Books

Fred Carver is a fictional character created by American novelist John Lutz, featured in a series of mystery novels. The series is set in Del Moray, Florida. Fred Carver took a bullet to the leg, thus ending his career as an active cop. Also over is his marriage, and the ensuing custody battle he lost.


Order of Alo Nudger Books

Alo Nudger is the central character in a series of detective fiction/mystery novels by American novelist John Lutz. Alo had to resign from the police force for due to stomach issues, which he takes antacid tablets for (like they’re candy). His St. Louis office is located over Danny’s Donuts (great place for an ex-cop’s office).


Order of John Lutz Books

John Lutz is an American author of mystery and suspense novels. One of his most famous novels, Single White Female, was adapted to the 1992 film starring Bridget Fonda. He is the winner of the Shamus and Edgar awards. Lutz mostly writes in series, including his Alo Nudger, Frank Quinn, Fred Carver and Night series.