Order of Missing Pieces Mysteries Books

The Missing Pieces Mysteries is a series of paranormal/cozy mystery novels by Joyce and Jim Lavene. The Missing Pieces Mysteries is about Dae O’Donnell – a woman who has a gift for finding missing things. She is also the mayor of Duck, North Carolina.


Order of Mary O’Reilly Books

Mary O’Reilly is the protagonist in a series of paranormal mystery novels by American author Terri Reid. Life changed for Mary O’Reilly when she died and came back to life. When she returned from the dead, she gained the ability to communicate with those who have passed on. She is a third-generation Chicago cop who […]


Order of Terri Reid Books

Terri Reid is an American author of paranormal-themed mystery novels. She writes the Mary O’Reilly series. Terri has been telling ghost stories since she was only a toddler. Before getting into writing, she worked in marketing, public relations and as a freelance journalist. Much like her Mary O’Reilly character, Terri lives in Northwest Illinois in […]


Order of Magical Cats Mysteries Books

The Magical Cats Mysteries is a series of cozy/paranormal mystery novels by Canadian novelist Sofie Kelly (Darlene Ryan). Librarian Kathleen Paulson has moved from Boston to the fictional small town of Mayville Heights, Minnesota and soon becomes acquainted with two stray cats, Owen and Hercules, who possess special powers that aid her in solving murders.


Order of Maggie Devereaux Books

Maggie Devereaux is the protagonist in a series of paranormal mystery novels by American novelist Stephen Penner. Maggie Devereaux is an American student who gets the opportunity to study in Scotland. But the opportunity doesn’t turn to be as good as she was hoping when a serial killer begins killing the students at her school.


Order of Haunted Home Renovation Mysteries Books

The Haunted Home Renovation Mysteries series is a paranormal/cozy mystery series of novels by American novelist Juliet Blackwell. After a career in anthropology that didn’t go so well, Melanie Travis has taken over her father’s business doing old home renovations in California’s Bay Area. The series is also known as the Haunted Home Repair Mysteries.


Order of Witchcraft Mysteries Books

The Witchcraft Mysteries series is a series of paranormal/cozy mystery novels by American author Juliet Blackwell. The series follows Lily Ivory, a witch who runs a vintage clothing store called Aunt Cora’s Closet in San Francisco, California. She enjoys running the store because it helps her connect with the vibrations of the past. But when […]


Order of Juliet Blackwell Books

Juliet Blackwell is the pen name of American author Julie Goodson-Lawes, who writes paranormal/cozy mystery novels. She writes the Art Lover’s Mysteries (as Hailey Lind, with her sister Carolyn), Witchcraft Mysteries and the Haunted Home Renovation Mysteries series. Growing up in Silicon Valley, Juliet decided to read, paint, learn new languages and travel the world […]


Order of Samantha Sweet Books

The Samantha Sweet Mysteries is a series of paranormal/cozy mystery novels by American author Connie Shelton. While working at a job where she was breaking into houses, Samantha Sweet finds a wooden box that has magical powers that allows her to see through people’s secrets and find out the truth.