We are all very sad at the passing of Vince Flynn. (News: Vince Flynn Passes Away)

I was a huge Vince Flynn fan. I still remember reading Transfer of Power, the first Mitch Rapp book. I liked it so much, that despite there being a huge thunderstorm outside, I ran up to the local bookstore getting soaked just so I could buy the 2nd book in the series.

There’s no doubt that Vince Flynn redefined the spy thriller genre.

And honestly – I’m sad for purely selfish reasons as well. I want more Mitch Rapp! If anything that’s a credit to how good a writer Vince Flynn was – I’m legitimately saddened by his death, because the Mitch Rapp series was so good I wanted it to go on forever.

With the potential end of that series(although I wouldn’t be surprised to see ghost writers take on the job), I thought I would create a list of other characters in the spy thriller genre that I enjoy and read on a regular basis.

If you are a fan of the Mitch Rapp series of books, I recommend you check out the following:

“Spider” Shepherd: A book series I discovered recently. Shepherd is a former SAS trooper who now works for an undercover squad. The books usually have two main story arcs at once – one with Shepherd undercover, and one with an overlying terrorist plot. Much like Flynn there is also a long-term storyline that covers multiple books.

Nick Stone: Also a former member of the SAS, Stone works for British Intelligence and partakes in the same sort of deniable ops that Rapp does. His first book, Remote Control, remains my favourite book of all time.

Nick Heller: Only two books to his name at his time – he’s a private investigator who can take anyone down much like Rapp. Personally I’d recommend reading all the Joseph Finder novels – they are some of the best standalone novels of all time.

Jack Reacher: I’m sure you know who he is.

Bob Lee Swagger: The best sniper in the world, and a vietnam vet. Personally I’d only recommend reading the original trilogy of Point of Impact, Black Light and Time to Hunt. They get noticeable worse after that, much like the Star Wars movies.

Scot Harvath: An ex-navy seal turned secret service agent. Personally I wasn’t the biggest fan of these books but they are still solid and have a huge fanbase.

Who else would you recommend to people who like the Vince Flynn and Mitch Rapp books? Your comments are welcome below and I’ll update this post.

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