Order of Christmas Stories Books

Anne Perry’s Christmas Stories is a series of holiday-themed historical mystery novels by English author Anne Perry. The novels do not share a common character, but rather the common setting of the holiday season. The series features characters from Perry’s other series, including the Charlotte & Thomas Perry and William Monk series.


New Books For Approaching Holiday Season

Written by Ella Thomson on Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Well, with Halloween tonight, we have under two months till December 25th, which means lots of new books starting to come out! There’s pretty much something for everyone this week – mysteries, young adult, fantasy, sci-fi, suspense, Christmas… so you might want to have a quick browse and see if there’s anything that catches your […]


Order of Timepiece Books

Timepiece is a series of YA historical adventure novels by British novelist Anne Perry. Rosie is unhappy in life but when she receives an old watch, she becomes capable of time travel.


Order of World War I Books

World War I is a series of five historical fiction/mystery novels by British author Anne Perry. The series is about the Reavley family during the First World War.


Order of William Monk Books

William Monk is a fictional character created by British novelist Anne Perry. He is the protagonist in a series of detective novels set in the mid-19th century. Monk is clever, sarcastic and very emotional. Once he gets into a case, he becomes determined and then obsessed.


Order of Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Books

Thomas Pitt is a fictional character created by English novelist Anne Perry and the protagonist in a series of detective fiction novels set in Victorian London. He is a police inspector. Charlotte Pitt is his wife, who is from an upper-class family with connections that often help her husband out in his investigations.


Order of Anne Perry Books

Anne Perry is an English author of historical detective fiction and mystery novels. When she was a teenager living in New Zealand, Anne Perry assisted in a brutal murder of her friend’s mother, which became the basis for the 1994 film Heavenly Creatures. As an adult, Perry joined the Mormon church and moved to Scotland. […]