Order of M.R. Mathias Books

Michael Robb Mathias is an American author who writes epic fantasy novels and stories as M.R. Mathias and horror novels as Michael Robb. He is the author of the Wardstone Trilogy, Dragoneers Saga and the Legend of Vanx Malic series. He wrote his entire Wardstone Trilogy series longhand in a Texas prison cell. As an […]


Order of Robert W. Walker Books

Robert W. Walker is an American novelist of horror and thriller novels. He is best known for his Jessica Coran series. Robert got his education at Wells High School in Chicago, Northwestern University and the Graduate Masters in English Education at Northwestern. He grew up watching movies and television shows involving the bizarre, including such […]


Order of Roald Dahl Books

Roald Dahl (1916-1990) was a British author of fantasy, mystery and horror novels and short stories for both children and adults. He was born in Wales to Norwegian parents. Dahl enlisted to the Royal Air Force where he became a flying ace. Following a crash and some severe headaches, he returned home. It was around […]


Order of Christopher Farnsworth Books

Christopher Farnsworth is an American author of horror/thriller novels. He writes the President’s Vampire series featuring Nathaniel Cade. Chris was born and grew up in Idaho. Before becoming a novelist and screenwriter, he worked as a journalist. Chris made the career change after he sold a screenplay entitled The Academy to MGM. He lives in […]


Order of D.J. MacHale Books

D.J. MacHale is an American author of children’s/YA fantasy and horror novels. He is also a writer, director and executive producer and has worked on such series as Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Flight 29 Down, Seasonal Differences and many others. He writes the Pendragon, Morpheus Road and Sylo Chronicles series. MacHale earned his […]


Order of Seanan McGuire Books

Seanan McGuire is an American author of urban fantasy novels under her real name as well as political thriller and horror novels under the pseudonym of Mira Grant. She writes the October Daye, InCryptid, Newsflesh (as Mira Grant) and Parasitology (as Mira Grant) series. Seanan won the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer […]


Order of Walking Dead Books

The Walking Dead is a series of graphic novels and novels created by American writer Robert Kirkman and American artist Tony Moore. The focus of the series is on Kentucky police officer Rick Grimes, who along with his family and many others, must survive a zombie apocalypse. The series is set in Atlanta, Georgia. In […]


Order of Robert Kirkman Books

Robert Kirkman is an American author of post-apocalyptic horror novels, but is most famous for his work as a comic book writer. Most particularly, he is best known for creating The Walking Dead, which became a smash hit TV series on AMC. Some of the other comic book series he’s created and/or worked on include […]


Order of Richard Matheson Books

Richard Matheson (1926-2013) was an American author of horror, science fiction and fantasy novels, stories and screenplays. Many of his novels have been adapted into films, including I Am Legend (four times over), The Shrinking Man, Hell House, What Dreams May Come, Somewhere in Time, A Stir of Echoes and Button, Button. He also wrote […]


Order of Enemy Books

The Enemy is a series of YA post-apocalyptic horror novels by English novelist Charlie Higson. The series is set in London, England following a sickness that has infected adults, turning them into something like zombies.