Order of Casey Daniels Books

Casey Daniels is a pen name of American author Connie Laux, who has also written as Miranda Bliss, Zoe Daniels, Connie Lane, Kylie Logan, Constance Laux and Connie Deka. She has written paranormal romance, cozy mystery, historical romance and YA horror novels. As Casey Daniels, she writes the Pepper Martin series, but if you include […]


Order of Edward Lee Books

Edward Lee is an American author of horror and thriller novels. He writes the Infernal series. Edward served in the U.S. Army Security Agency and was stationed in West Germany, where he was the lone M60A1-series tank gunner with a security clearance. When he got back home, he worked as a police officer for three […]


Order of David Robbins Books

David Robbins is an American author of western, horror, science fiction, fantasy, young adult, mystery and adventure novels. He is the author of the Wilderness series, Endworld and Blade series, White Apache and Davy Crockett series. David has also written for the Executioner, Mack Bolan, Trailsman, Mountain Majesty, Preacher’s Law, Omega Sub and Hardy Boys […]


Order of Michael Marshall Smith Books

Michael Marshall Smith is an English novelist of science fiction, horror and thriller novels (and screenplays). He writes as Michael Marshall, Michael Marshall Smith and M.M. Smith. Michael writes the Straw Men Trilogy. He was born in England, but has also lived in the U.S., South Africa and Australia, but eventually returned to England. Micharl […]


Order of Felix Castor Books

Felix Castor is the protagonist in a series of horror/fantasy novels by British author Mike Carey. Felix Castor works in London, England as a freelance exorcist.


Order of Mike Carey Books

Mike Carey is an English author of horror, fantasy and thriller novels as well as being a comic book writer and screenwriter. He writes the Felix Castor series. Mike grew up interested in comic books, which he wrote and drew for his younger brother. He studied English at St. Peter’s College, Oxford and went onto […]


Order of Joe R. Lansdale Books

Joe R. Lansdale is an American author of western, horror, science fiction, mystery and suspense novels and stories. He is the author of the Hap & Leonard series. Lansdale is also a prolific graphic novel writer, has written multiple episodes of animated series like Batman and Superman and is also a screenwriter. In addition to […]


Order of Remaining Books

The Remaining is a series of dystopian fiction/horror novels by American novelist D.J. Molles. In the world of The Remaining, 90% of the population has been infected with a bacterium that has turned them into hyper-aggressive predators. It is the duty of Captain Lee Harden to try and pull everything back together.


Order of D.J. Molles Books

D.J. Molles is an American author of horror/dystopian fiction novels. He is the author of The Remaining series. Molles lives in the southeast with his wife and daughter.


Order of James Herbert Books

James Herbert (1943-2013) was an English author of horror and dark fantasy novels. He is the author of the Rats series and the David Ash series. Several of his works were adapted to film and his novel The Secret of Crickley Hall was recently made into a BBC One serial on television. He was given […]