New Books from Michael Connelly, Jim Butcher & More

Written by Jenny Brady on Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

First out this week is Cold Days by Jim Butcher. After being murdered by an unknown assailant, Harry Dresden realizes that death wasn’t so bad after all. Cold Days is the 14th book in The Dresden Files and is available in hardcover, eBook and audiobook formats. In the paranormal romance genre, Drive Me Wild (15th […]


Order of Andy Fisher Books

Andy Fisher is the central character in a series of techno-thriller novels by American novelist Jim DeFelice. Andy is a special agent with the FBI, known as a hard-driving, chain-smoking, coffee swilling bad ass who frequently raises the ire of his superiors as well as his enemies.


Order of Jim DeFelice Books

Jim DeFelice is an American author of techno-thriller novels along with many non-fiction books. DeFelice is well known for being a writing partner alongside such authors as Stephen Coonts, Dale Brown, Larry Bond and Richard Marcinko. He also writes solo novels such as his Andy Fisher books and non-fiction books including true crime books and […]


Order of Red Dragon Rising Books

Larry Bond’s Red Dragon Rising is a series of techno-thriller novels by Larry Bond and Jim DeFelice. The series starts off in 2014 where climate change has brought to world into chaos.


Order of Larry Bond Books

Larry Bond is an American author of techno-thriller novels in addition to being a video game designer. His books are known for their fast-paced action. Before he became an author, Bond served in the U.S. Navy for six years. Following his service, he worked for defense consulting firms as a naval analyst. His series include […]


Order of Rogue Warrior Books

Rogue Warrior is a series of books by American author Richard Marcinko, co-authored by John Weisman and Jim DeFelice. The series starts off with his memoirs and then turns into a fiction series based on his military career.


Order of Deep Black Books

Stephen Coonts‘ Deep Black is a series of novels based on a concept by Stephen Coonts and written by Jim DeFelice and William H. Keith.


Order of Stephen Coonts Books

Stephen Coonts is an American author who is know for his thriller and suspense novels. Coonts was originally an aviator in the US Army during the Vietnam War, which he has parlayed into his current career as a novelist. The majority of his books have made their way to the New York Times Bestseller List.


Order of Dreamland Books

Dreamland is a series of techno-thriller novels by Dale Brown and co-author Jim DeFelice. Dreamland is a testing facility for the most advanced aerospace technology anywhere and is located in the Nevada desert.