Order of Christine Kling Books

Christine Kling is an American novelist of nautical-themed suspense, thriller and mystery novels. She writes the Seychelle Sullivan suspense series. Christine has been sailing all of her life and also enjoys books, travel and adventure. Although she was born in Missoula, Montana, she grew up in Southern California and has spent time in France and […]


Order of Thomas Kydd Books

Thomas Payne Kydd is the protagonist in a series of action-adventure/nautical historical fiction novels by English novelist Julian Stockwin. Thomas Kydd is a young man from Guildford who finds himself aboard the Duke William battleship where he learns to become a soldier and join the Royal Navy. The series begins in the late 18th century. […]


Order of Julian Stockwin Books

Julian Stockwin is an English author of nautical action-adventure historical fiction novels. He writes the Kydd Sea Adventures series. Stockwin joined the Royal Navy when he was 15 years old. When his family moved to Australia, he was transferred to the Royal Australian Navy where he served for eight years. After studying at the University […]


Order of Alan Lewrie Books

Alan Lewrie is the central character in a series of historical naval adventure novels by American author Dewey Lambdin. The series takes Alan Lewrie from when he was working as a midshipman. As the novels progress, he rises up the ranks of the Navy and takes part in the American Revolution and Napoleonic Wars.


Order of Dewey Lambdin Books

Dewey Lambdin is an American novelist of nautical/historical fiction. His series character is Alan Lewrie, who takes part in the American Revolution and Napoleonic Wars. Lambdin is the son of a U.S. Navy officer. Lambdin graduated from Montana State University and started working in production for local TV stations and then in advertising. After losing […]


Order of Privateersman Books

The Privateersman Mysteries is a series of historical nautical fiction by Scottish author David Donachie that also includes mystery aspects. Harry Ludlow is forced out of the Royal Navy, so he joins up with his brother James in the privateering business.


Order of Aubrey/Maturin Books

The Aubrey/Maturin series is a series of nautical historical novels by English novelist Patrick O’Brian. The series follows Jack Aubrey of the Royal Navy and Dr. Stephen Maturin, the ship’s surgeon. The two are great friends. The series adapts true historical events as part of the story. O’Brian has a distinct style that has led […]