Order of Hollywood Station Books

Hollywood Station is a series of police procedural novels by American novelist Joseph Wambaugh. The series is set in Los Angeles and focuses on the LAPD, but not one character in particular. The most common recurring characters are Hollywood Nate, Flotsam & Jetsam and Compassionate Charlie.


Order of Joseph Wambaugh Books

Joseph Wambaugh is an American author of crime fiction, mystery novels and true crime non-fiction. Before becoming an author, Wambaugh served in the U.S. Marines and then joined the LAPD, where he served 14 years and made detective sergeant. Wambaugh often sets his novels in Los Angeles, where he often creates police officers with flawed […]


Order of D.I. Andy Horton Books

D.I. Andy Horton is the protagonist in a series of police procedural novels by English author Pauline Rowson. Known as the “marine mysteries,” the series is set on the South Coast of England. Andy is a flawed character – physically strong, but emotionally vulernable. He was abandoned by his mother at age 10, forced to […]


Order of Kathy Bennett Books

Kathy Bennett is an American author of suspense and police procedural novels. Kathy spent 21 years as a cop in L.A., giving her stories an authentic crime experience. Kathy worked as a senior lead officer, firearms instructor, crime analyst, field training officer and undercover officer.


Order of P.T. Deutermann Books

Peter T. Deutermann, known as P.T. Deutermann, is an American author of suspense, mystery, thriller and police procedural novels. Deutermann served in the U.S. Navy for 26 years, retiring as a captain. After retirement, Deutermann got his first novel published and a book deal from St. Martin’s Press. Three of his novels have been optioned […]


Order of Dublin Murder Squad Books

The Dublin Murder Squad is a series of mystery novels by Irish author Tana French. The series has been described as a psychological thriller series, police procedural, mystery and gothic romance all-in-one. The series is focused on the police detectives in Dublin, Ireland.


Order of Boldt/Matthews Books

Boldt & Matthews is a series of police procedural/suspense novels by American novelist Ridley Pearson. Lou Boldt is a Seattle police detective and Daphne Matthews is a police psychologist.


Order of T. Jefferson Parker Books

T. Jefferson Parker is an American novelist of police procedural novels. Parker’s books are set in Southern California, where he lives. His novels usually have a single protaganist, although part of the story is sometimes told from the antagonist’s viewpoint.


Order of Nikki Heat Books

Nikki Heat is a fictional character who appears in a series of mystery/police procedural novels by fictional American author Richard Castle. In the ABC TV series, Castle used his friendship with the Mayor of New York City to get partnered with (fictional) detective Kate Beckett in order to create his new character, who becomes Nikki […]


Order of Alexandra Cooper Books

Alexandra Cooper is a fictional character created by American novelist Linda Fairstein. The series falls into the crime fiction genre and police procedural sub-genre. Alexandra is a prosecutor working out of Manhattan and an expert on sex crimes, much like the author herself.