Order of D.I. Charlotte Savage Books

D.I. Charlotte Savage is the protagonist in a series of police procedural/thriller/mystery novels by English novelist Mark Sennen. The series follows Detective Inspector Charlotte Savage along with her colleagues at Plymouth CID in Plymouth, England.


Order of Kennedy & Trentham Books

The Kennedy & Trentham series is a series of police procedural/mystery novels by English novelist Shirley Wells. In this series, Jill Kennedy is a forensic psychologist who leaves a big job in London (due to a wrongful conviction on a case she worked on) for a small village in Lancashire, England. Expectations for an easier […]


Order of Shirley Wells Books

Shirley Wells is an English author of crime fiction and romance novels (as Shirley Worrall). She writes the Kennedy & Trentham series and the Dylan Scott series. Shirley spent her early life in England’s Cotswolds. A headmaster once wrote that she was content to “dream her life away.” During her adult life, while living in […]


Order of Darby McCormick Books

Darby McCormick is the protagonist in a series of crime thriller novels by American novelist Chris Mooney. Darby McCormick works as a crime scene investigator in Boston, Massachusetts.


Order of Ben Aaronovitch Books

Ben Aaronovitch is a British author of science fiction, urban fantasy and crime fiction novels in addition to being a television writer. He writes the Peter Grant series. Ben is the son of Sam Aaronovitch, a well-known economist/academic who was one of the senior members of the Communist Party of Great Britain. He is also […]


Order of DCI Monika Paniatowski Books

DCI Monika Paniatowski is the protagonist in a series of police procedural/mystery novels by British author Sally Spencer (Alan Rustage). Monika Paniatowski is the successor to another character of Sally Spencer’s, Chief Inspector Woodend.


Order of Arthur Hailey Books

Arthur Hailey (1920-2004) was a British-Canadian novelist of thriller, suspense and police procedural novels. His novels are set in a single industry, including hotels, banks or airlines. He would research the subject for about a year, study his notes for another six months and then spend a year a half actually writing the novel. During […]


Order of Michael Harvey Books

Michael Harvey is an author of crime fiction, suspense and thriller novels. He writes the Michael Kelly series. In addition to his work as an author, Michael is also a writer, producer and journalist. He is a co-creator, writer and executive producer of the TV show Cold Case Files and also worked as an investigative […]


Order of Posadas County Mysteries Books

The Posadas County Mysteries is a series of western-themed mystery/police procedural novels by American novelist Steven F. Havill. The first nine novels of the series follow Bill Gastner, who starts off as Undersheriff of Posadas County, New Mexico. Since then, the novels follow Undersheriff Estella Reyes-Guzman following Gastner’s retirement.


Order of Jon Stanton Books

Jon Stanton is the protagonist in a series of crime thriller/mystery novels by American novelist Victor Methos. Stanton works as a homicide detective for the San Diego Police Department.