Order of D.I. Charlotte Savage Books

D.I. Charlotte Savage is the protagonist in a series of police procedural/thriller/mystery novels by English novelist Mark Sennen. The series follows Detective Inspector Charlotte Savage along with her colleagues at Plymouth CID in Plymouth, England.


Order of Kennedy & Trentham Books

The Kennedy & Trentham series is a series of police procedural/mystery novels by English novelist Shirley Wells. In this series, Jill Kennedy is a forensic psychologist who leaves a big job in London (due to a wrongful conviction on a case she worked on) for a small village in Lancashire, England. Expectations for an easier […]


Order of Shirley Wells Books

Shirley Wells is an English author of crime fiction and romance novels (as Shirley Worrall). She writes the Kennedy & Trentham series and the Dylan Scott series. Shirley spent her early life in England’s Cotswolds. A headmaster once wrote that she was content to “dream her life away.” During her adult life, while living in […]


Order of Darby McCormick Books

Darby McCormick is the protagonist in a series of crime thriller novels by American novelist Chris Mooney. Darby McCormick works as a crime scene investigator in Boston, Massachusetts.


Order of Ben Aaronovitch Books

Ben Aaronovitch is a British author of science fiction, urban fantasy and crime fiction novels in addition to being a television writer. He writes the Peter Grant series. Ben is the son of Sam Aaronovitch, a well-known economist/academic who was one of the senior members of the Communist Party of Great Britain. He is also […]