Order of Alex Morrow Books

Alex Morrow is the protagonist in a series of mystery/crime fiction novels by Scottish author Denise Mina. This Tartan Noir series is set in Glasgow, Scotland and features Detective Sergeant Alex Morrow, a tough female detective, in a dark and moody setting.


Order of Jack Parlabane Books

Jack Parlabane is the protagonist in a series of Tartan Noir crime fiction novels by Scottish author Christopher Brookmyre. Parlabane is an investigative journalist. In order to do his job, Parlabane is not above breaking a few trespassing and burglary laws.


Order of Christopher Brookmyre Books

Christopher Brookmyre is a Scottish novelist of crime fiction novels, which have been branded Tartan Noir. He writes the Jack Parlabane series. Brookmyre mixes comedy with politics, social commentary and action, in addition to having a strong narrative to his stories.


Order of Denise Mina Books

Denise Mina is a Scottish author of crime fiction and its Scottish subgenre Tartan Noir. She is best known as the author of the Garnethill trilogy, Paddy Meehan series and the Alex Morrow series. Having an engineer father, Denise and family moved 21 times in 18 years. She currently lives in Glasgow, Scotland.


Order of Inspector Rebus Books

Inspector Rebus is a character and series of detective fiction novels by Scottish author Ian Rankin. The police procedural series is considered to fall into the Scottish Tartan Noir subgenre. The Detective Inspector John Rebus character is based in Edinburgh. Unlike other series, the character does age with time, as the character turned 60 years […]


Order of Ian Rankin Books

Ian Rankin is a Scottish author of crime fiction. Rankin’s goal in life was not always to write crime fiction. He originally thought he would be compared to the likes of Robert Louis Stevenson rather than to be considered part of the Tartan Noir genre. He is best known for his Inspector Rebus novels, which […]


Order of Lindsay Gordon Books

Lindsay Gordon is a fictional character and a series of mystery novels by Scottish author Val McDermid. Lindsay Gordon is a freelance journalist who is a lesbian (as McDermid herself is). The series is set in Scotland.


Order of Val McDermid Books

Val McDermid is a Scottish novelist of crime fiction, best known for her suspense novels featuring Tony Hill and Carol Jordan. Her other characters include lesbian journalist Lindsay Gordon and private investigator Kate Brannigan. McDermid considers her books to fall under the Tartan Noir crime fiction genre.