Order of Mark C Tredecim Books

Mark C. Tredecim is a Christian American author who has currently written two novels.


Order of Tom Sweterlitsch Books

Tom Sweterlitsch is an American author who writes science fiction novels. Tom started writing in 2014 with the book Tomorrow and Tomorrow. Tom would follow that up with The Gone World in 2018, a novel the New Yorker described as “Inception meets True Detective”.


January 2021 Newsletter

It’s Friday. You know what that means. Welcome to January and welcome to 2021!


Reader Mailbag: Best Books Read in 2020

In the December 2020 newsletter I asked our readers what the best books they read that year were. Here are the responses:


December 2020 Mid-Month Newsletter

Hi all and welcome to the middle of December.  I was going to send this out yesterday however with the Google outage I decided to hold off a day.  There was a few e-mails I sent to gmail addresses that were bouncing so didn’t want that to be the case for the newsletter!


Order of Rob Hart Books

Rob Hart is an American author best known for writing the breakout hit, The Warehouse. It was named one of the best books of the year by numerous publications. The book has been adapted in more than twenty languages and been optioned for film. He is also the author of the Ash McKenna series of […]


December 2020 Newsletter

Welcome to December! Apologies for no mid-month newsletter in November. I wasn’t able to write one due to a personal situation. On that note – let me just get this out of the way. This can be a difficult time period for some by normal standards; in 2020 it’s going to be an even tougher […]


Reader Mailbag: Authors You Never Want To Stop Writing

In the November 2020 newsletter I asked our readers what authors they never wanted to stop writing, or what series they never wanted to end. Here are the responses:


November 2020 Newsletter

Welcome to November! For those who were able to celebrate it, I hope you had a safe and happy Halloween. Things were a bit different for me this year. I live in a city with practically no cases so Halloween still took place albeit with precautions.


Reader Mailbag: Authors You’d Love to Co-Author With

In the October 2020 Newsletter I asked our readers which authors they would love to co-author with. Here were their responses: