Brock and Poole is a series of crime fiction novels by British novelist Graham Ison. The series features Harry Brock – a chief inspector with Homicide and Serious Crime Command – and Detective Sergeant Dave Poole. From afar, the two are very different, but they share a mutual respect.

Graham Ison began his Brock and Poole series in 2001 with the novel Working Girl. The series is currently ongoing. Below is a list of Graham Ison’s Brock and Poole books in order of when they were first published (which is the same as their chronological order):

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Publication Order of Brock and Poole Mystery Books

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Brock and Poole Synopses: Working Girl by Graham Ison begins with the brutal murder of a sex worker in the West End of London, and uncovering a politician with feet of clay, a bent ex-policeman and a baggage handling scam at Heathrow. Brock and Poole might not appear to be a match as far as age and temperament, but their verbal sparring conceals a genuine mutual respect.

Light Fantastic is the second Brock and Poole novel by Graham Ison. When the milkman alerts police to two bodies at the fashionable Hampstead home of Andrew and Kim Light, it seems obvious who the deceased are… that is, until Mr. Light enters the house. Who is the other man? Is Andrew Light as innocent as he’d like to appear, or does his smooth lawyer’s manner hide his true dark character? As the investigation develops, it becomes clear that there are far more sinister forces at work, and a frightening character has infiltrated the fashionable world of Hampstead.

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