The Corrigan series is a series of urban fantasy novels by Scottish author Helen Harper. The Corrigan series is a re-telling of Harper’s earlier Blood Destiny series.

Helen Harper began her Corrigan series in 2014 with the novel Corrigan Fire. The series lasted for five novels, concluding with the novel Corrigan Luck in 2015. Below is a list of Helen Harper’s Corrigan books in order of when they were first released (which is the same as their chronological order):

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Publication Order of Corrigan Books

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Corrigan Synopses: Corgan Fire by Helen Harper is a telling of the events of the Bloodfire. Corrigan may have only just started in his role as Head of the Brethren, the defacto rulers of the country’s shifters, but it’s already clear he’s not going to be in for an easy ride. Between brutal deaths in both Cornwall and London to deal with, alongside a certain curious were-hamster who has far more strength, power and mouth than should be possible, he’s got his hands full. He thought his greatest desire was to modernize the shapeshifter world – but that may be starting to change…

Corrigan Magic is the second book of Helen Harper’s Corrigan series. With Mack long gone, and efforts to find her proving fruitless, Corrigan is forced to turn his attentions to other matters. The vampires are getting in the way and the Brethren are resisting his attempts to bring them into the 21st century. Even more ominously, shifters are starting to get sick from a mysterious disease. This might be one foe that Corrigan is powerless against…

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