Department Z is a series of crime/spy fiction novels by English novelist John Creasey. Department Z is a British Intelligence agency set up in the early 1930s and is made up of civilians whose identities are unknown. The series is set around the time of World War II – contemporary of the time they were published in.

John Creasey began his Department Z series in 1933 with the novel The Death Miser. The series ran for 28 novels, concluding with 1957’s The Black Spiders. Below is a list of John Creasey’s Department Z books in order of when they were originally released (which is the same as their chronological order):

Publication Order of Department Z Books

The Death Miser(1933)Description / Buy at
Redhead(1933)Description / Buy at
First Came a Murder(1934)Description / Buy at
Death 'Round the Corner(1935)Description / Buy at
The Mark of the Crescent(1935)Description / Buy at
Thunder in Europe(1936)Description / Buy at
The Terror Trap(1936)Description / Buy at
Carriers of Death(1937)Description / Buy at
Days of Danger(1937)Description / Buy at
Death Stands By(1938)Description / Buy at
Menace!(1938)Description / Buy at
Murder Must Wait(1939)Description / Buy at
Panic!(1939)Description / Buy at
Death by Night(1940)Description / Buy at
Island of Peril(1940)Description / Buy at
Sabotage(1941)Description / Buy at
Go Away Death(1942)Description / Buy at
The Day of Disaster(1942)Description / Buy at
Prepare for Action(1942)Description / Buy at
No Darker Crime(1943)Description / Buy at
Dark Peril(1944)Description / Buy at
The Peril Ahead(1946)Description / Buy at
The League of Dark Men(1947)Description / Buy at
The Department of Death(1949)Description / Buy at
The Enemy Within(1950)Description / Buy at
Dead or Alive(1951)Description / Buy at
A Kind of Prisoner(1954)Description / Buy at
The Black Spiders(1957)Description / Buy at

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Department Z Synopsis: The Death Miser by John Creasey is the first Department Z novel. Millions of lives are at stake if a sinister international conspiracy succeeds. It’s up to England’s top detective agency, Department Z, to stop it. They must keep things quiet, too. Discretion is something that the Honourable James Quinion knows only too well – it’s all apart of being a member of the Secret Service. Department Z is described as “a home for bachelors with a suicidal turn of mind…” Its agents ready themselves for this high-profile, high-risk job. Quinion will find himself right in the firing line and in personal danger – how will he keep the conspiracy under control and under wraps?

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