Fleet by David Drake Bill Fawcett
The Fleet is a series of military science fiction anthologies edited by David Drake and Bill Fawcett. The Fleet is the last line of deep space defense against alien enemies. Besides the editors, the series contains stories by such authors as Anne McCaffrey, Poul Anderson, Steve Perry, Margaret Weis, Jody Lynn Nye, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Diane Duane, Christopher Stasheff, Katherine Kurtz, Janny Wurtz, Mike Resnick and more. The series is followed by the Battlestation anthology series.

David Drake and Bill Fawcett began their Fleet anthology series in 1988 with the anthology The Fleet. The series lasted six volumes, concluding in 1991 with Crisis. Its follow-up series, Battlestation, consists of two anthologies – Battlestation (1992) and The Vanguard (1993). Below is a list of David Drake and Bill Fawcett’s Fleet books in order of when they were originally published (which is the same as their chronological order):

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Publication Order of The Fleet Books

(By: David Drake, Robert Sheckley, Bill Fawcett)

Publication Order of Battlestations Books

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Fleet Synopsis: In The Fleet edited by David Drake & Bill Fawcett, mankind has been exploring the galaxy, but has gone too far and met up with the Khalia. The Khalia are carnivores that resemble weasels and have a different culture from humans. They see other intelligent life as their prey, and they take no prisoners. Anyone who meets up with them will never return home. The anthology also contains stories by Anne McCaffrey, Janet Morris, Poul Anderson, E. Gary Gigax, Steve Perry, Robert Sheckley, Margaret Weis, John Brunner and Jody Lynn Nye.

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