Order of Annie Bailey/Carter Books

Annie Bailey/Carter by Jessie Keane
Annie Bailey/Carter is the protagonist in a series of crime drama/thriller novels by British novelist Jessie Keane. The series is set in London’s East End and deals with the seedy underworld of the area. (more…)


Order of Jessie Keane Books

Jessie Keane (Photo Credit: Alexander James)
Jessie Keane is a British author of crime drama novels, along the lines of Martina Cole, Kimberley Chambers and Mandasue Heller. She writes the Annie Bailey series. Keane grew up writing at a young age, winning awards for her writing when she was eight years old. At first, her family was well-off due to their family business, but business went south when she was 14. Keane lives in Hampshire, England with her family. (more…)


Order of Old Man’s War Books

Old Mans War by John Scalzi
The Old Man’s War is a series of military science fiction novels by American novelist John Scalzi. The series is about Earth’s senior citizens being recruited to join the CDF (Colonial Defense Forces). The lead character, John Perry, starts out as a recruit and the books follow his progress through the ranks of the CDF. (more…)


Order of John Scalzi Books

John Scalzi
John Scalzi is an American author of science fiction, humour and non-fiction, in addition to being an online blogger. He is the author of the Old Man’s War series. Scalzi attended the University of Chicago, during which time he was editor-in-chief for The Chicago Maroon. He is a former president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. Scalzi lives in Ohio with his wife, daughter and their pets. (more…)


Order of Charles Cumming Books

Charles Cumming
Charles Cumming is a British author of spy fiction novels. He attended Eton College and graduated with 1st Class Honours in English Literature from the University of Edinburgh. Charles has been compared to as the next coming of great spy fiction authors such as John le Carre and Len Deighton by The Observer. In 1995, Cumming was recruited by MI6, which is what he based his debut novel A Spy by Nature (featuring the character Alec Milius) on. Since 2001, Charles has lived in Madrid, Spain. (more…)