Order of Bob Lee Swagger Books

Bob Lee Swagger is the recurring character created by Stephen Hunter. A veteran of Vietnam, Bob Lee is the deadliest sniper in the world, and you can be assured that whenever Bob Lees around, trouble will be too.

The Bob Lee series of books was initially created as a trilogy, however due to the demands of fans, Bob Lee would return for four more books 9 years after the original trilogy was over. Below is the order of all the Bob Lee books: (more…)


Order of Stephen Hunter Books

Pulitzer Prize winner Stephen Hunter is famous for his novels featuring both Bob Lee Swagger and Earl Swagger, and the apparent new hero Ray Cruz. One of Hunter’s books, Point of Impact, was made into the movie “Shooter”.

Below is the order of all of Stephen Hunter’s novels: (more…)


Order of Daniel X Books

The Daniel X books are written by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge. They are similar to the Maximum Ride series of books, with a focus on sci-fi.

Daniel X has the super power of being able to create, as well as super speed and super strength.

Here are the order of the Daniel X Books: (more…)


Order of Michael Bennett Books

Michael Bennett is the creation of American author James Patterson.

Michael Bennett is a detective with the NYPD, who has 10 children.

This is the Michael Bennett books in order: (more…)


Order of Maximum Ride Books

The Maximum Ride series of books are books written by James Patterson. They are aimed towards the young adult audience, and are in the sci-fi/fantasy genre. (more…)


Order of Women’s Murder Club Books

The Women’s Murder Club is a fictional group of characters created by author James Patterson. It is his second most famous series of characters behind the Alex Cross series of books. The Women’s Murder Club, which had a one-season TV show based on the books, feature four characters (including a police inspector and medical examiner) working together to solve crimes. The main character is Lindsay Boxer, a 34 year-old divorced inspector with the San Francisco Police. (more…)


Order of Alex Cross Books

Alex Cross is the fictional character created by James Patterson, and is a detective slash psychologist based in Washington.

Cross lives with his kids and Nana Mama. Below is the order of all of the Alex Cross novels: (more…)


Order of James Patterson Books

James Patterson is an American author of thriller and mystery novels. If you haven’t heard of James Patterson, you must have been living under a rock for the last couple of decades. It’s impossible to go anywhere these days that sells books without seeing some form of James Patterson books on the shelves. Patterson is currently putting out approximately 10 books per year, sometimes more, with the help of co-authors.

James Patterson has been going ever since 1976 with The Thomas Berryman Number. He’s been writing away ever since with about 100 books to his name. This is a complete list of every book James Patterson has written in order, and separated by series or character. They are in publication order: (more…)


Order of Linwood Barclay Books

Linwood Barclay is a U.S.-born Canadian author, who has risen in fame due to a variety of incredible standalone novels.

Barclay first started writing the “Zack Walker” series which spawned four books, however his real skills are shown in the series of books following that. Loosely connected in every form of the phrase, the Linwood Barclay series of standalone books capture you from the first chapter, and are fantastic fictional mysteries. (more…)


Order of Brad Thor Books

Brad Thor is an American author of thriller novels, with multiple New York Times bestsellers. Brad Thor’s books focus on the fictional character Scot Harvath, who is an ex-Navy Seal turned Secret Service Agent. Thor shadowed a Black Ops team in order to research his novel The Apostle. Brad is also known for making controversial political comments that always causes a lot of reaction. His novels have been published in at least 25 countries, but not Saudi Arabia, as The Last Patriot was called “Islamophobia” by former Nixon aide Robert D. Crane. (more…)