Order of Edgar Rice Burroughs Books

Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875-1950) was an American novelist of adventure, fantasy, science fiction, western and romance novels. He is best known for his Tarzan and John Carter of Mars characters. Burroughs began writing fiction when he thought he could at least write as good as the pulp fiction magazine writers at the time.


Order of Rogue Angel Books

Rogue Angel is a series of fantasy adventure novels by Alex Archer, a house name belonging to the Gold Eagle imprint of Harlequin Publishing. The series stars Annja Creed, an archaeologist who travels around the world looking for lost cities, secret codes and puzzles to decipher. Annja is described as “beautiful, charming and intelligent.” She […]


Order of Alex Archer Books

Alex Archer is a house name created by Harlequin’s Gold Eagle imprint. “Alex” writes the Rogue Angel series, which is a fantasy adventure series. The ghostwriters’ names are written inside the books.


Order of 13th Reality Books

The 13th Reality is a series of YA sci-fi/fantasy adventure novels by American novelist James Dashner. The series is about a 13 year-old boy named Atticus Higginbottom (nicknamed Tick) who receives a letter that says that that reality may soon be destroyed. He is then sent twelve riddles and much decipher them in order to […]


Order of Alistair MacLean Books

Alistair MacLean (1922-1987) was a Scottish novelist of thrillers and adventures. His novels The Guns of Navarone, Ice Station Zebra and Where Eagles Dare were all adapted into successful films. His novels do not include much sex or romance because he believed it would slow down the action.


Order of Don Sturdy Books

Don Sturdy is the protagonist in a series of children’s adventure novels written under the house name of Victor Appleton. All but one of the books (Don Sturdy in the Land of the Giants by Howard Roger Garis) were written by John W. Duffield.


Order of Tom Swift Books

Tom Swift is the protagonist in a series of juvenile science fiction/adventure, written under the house pseudonym Victor Appleton. The character was created by Stratemeyer Syndicate founder Edward Stratemeyer. The series has a focus on science, inventions and technology. Interestingly, the taser (which is actually an acronym for “Thomas A. Swift’s Electric Rifle”) was inspired […]


Order of Victor Appleton Books

Victor Appleton is a house pseudonym created by Stratemeyer Syndicate, the group that created such franchises as Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. Victor Appleton is the name used most notably for the Tom Swift series as well as the Don Sturdy series. The Victor Appleton books would fall into the children’s/juvenile adventure book genres.


Order of Cooper Kids Books

The Copper Kids is a series of young adult Christian fiction adventure novels by American novelist Frank Peretti. The series follows Jake Cooper, an archaeologist, and teenagers Jay and Lila looking for missing standing stones, ghosts and battling ancient evil forces.


Order of Mack Maloney Books

Mack Maloney is an American author of military and science fiction. His father, a WWII vet, used to read military books to him, giving him a lifelong interest. His series include the Wingman, Starhawk, Chopper Ops and Pirate Hunters series, among others.