Order of Burke Books

Burke is the central character in a series of hardboiled crime fiction novels by American novelist Andrew Vachss. Not long after Burke entered the world, he was abandoned by his teenage mother. Passed from home to home as a child, he was abused, leaving him scarred. Eventually, after two stints in prison, he starts a […]


Order of Andrew Vachss Books

Andrew Vachss is an American novelist of hardboiled crime fiction, best known for his Burke series. Aside from his writing career, Andrew is a child protection consultant and an attorney who represents only children and youth. He is also an advocate against animal abuse.


Order of Mike Hammer Books

Mike Hammer is a fictional character featured in a series of hardboiled crime fiction novels by American novelist Mickey Spillane and later American novelist Max Allan Collins. Following World War II, Spillane conceived of a comic book character named Mike Danger, which ended up becoming a detective fiction character named Mike Hammer. The character is […]


Order of Mickey Spillane Books

Mickey Spillane (1918-2006) was an American author of hardboiled crime fiction, most notably his Mike Hammer series. Over 225 million copies of his books have been sold worldwide and at one time, seven his books were in the top 15 in the list of all-time bestselling novels in the United States. At the time, his […]


Order of Jack Taylor Books

The Jack Taylor series is a series of hardboiled crime fiction novels by Irish novelist Ken Bruen. The series is set in Galway and it takes you on the adventures of a disgraced ex-cop working as a PI. The series also looks at the decline of the Catholic Church in Ireland as a social and […]


Order of Inspector Brant Books

Detective Sergeant Tom Brant is the central character in Irish author Ken Bruen‘s Inspector Brant series. The series falls into the hardboiled and noir crime fiction genres. Tom Brant works alongside partner Chief Inspector James Roberts, policing the southeast precinct of London. Together, they will meet some of the meanest thugs, ruthless gangs and biggest […]


Order of Ken Bruen Books

Ken Bruen is an Irish author of hardboiled crime fiction. From Galway, Bruen attended Gormanston College and Trinity College Dublin to earn his PhD in metaphysics. From there, he spent 25 years teaching English abroad in places like Africa, Japan, Southeast Asia and South America. His series characters include Jack Taylor and Tom Brant.


Order of C.W. Sughrue Books

C.W. Sughrue is the protagonist in a series of hardboiled crime fiction novels by American author James Crumley. Sughrue is from Meriwather, Montana, is an alcoholic, enjoys a good weapon and uses non-linear detective methods. And if you haven’t figured it out yet, he’s a little crazy.


Order of James Crumley Books

James Crumley (1939-2008) was an American author of hardboiled crime fiction. He’s been described as a cross between Raymond Chandler and Hunter S. Thompson. His novel The Last Good Kiss was referred to as “the most influential crime novel of the last 50 years.” Although praised by his fellow authors, up until about 1990, his […]


Order of Jim Thompson Books

Jim Thompson (1906-1977) was an American author of hardboiled crime fiction. Although he was praised by critics during his lifetime, Thompson gained little commercial success in comparison. However, his novels were re-published in the 80s under the Black Lizard imprint, leading to him receiving more popularity posthumously. Several of Thompson’s novels have been adapted to […]