Order of Jack Lennon Books

Jack Lennon is the protagonist in a series of hardboiled crime fiction novels by Irish author Stuart Neville. Jack Lennon is a detective inspector in Belfast, Northern Ireland – a city that is still reeling from its Troubles of decades past. The series is also known as the “Belfast Novels” series.


Order of Stuart Neville Books

Stuart Neville is an Irish author of hardboiled crime fiction novels. He writes the Jack Lennon series, set in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Besides being a published novelist, Neville has also been a musician, a composer, a teacher, a salesman, a film extra, a baker and a hand double. He currently works as a partner in […]


Order of McRyan Books

The McRyan Mystery series is a series of hardboiled mystery/thriller novels by American novelist Roger Stelljes. St. Paul homicide detective Michael “Mac” McRyan is a 32 year-old cop in Minnesota’s Twin Cities. McRyan originally planned on a career in law with a prestigious firm, but a tragedy causes him to switch careers and do what […]


Order of Black Books

Black is a series of hardboiled noir detective mystery novels by Russell Blake. The title character of the series, Artemus Black, is a Hollywood private investigator who can’t catch a break. He starts off the series with an assistant who mocks him, a fat cat that hates him, no romance in his life to speak […]


Order of Inspector Challis Books

Inspector Challis is the protagonist in a series of hardboiled mystery/crime thriller novels by Australian novelist Garry Disher. Hal Challis is a detective inspector who works in a small town called Mornington in Southeast Australia, near Melbourne. The series also features Sergeant Ellen Destry.


Order of Wyatt Books

Wyatt Wareen is the protagonist in a series of hardboiled mystery/suspense novels by Australian author Garry Disher. Wyatt Wareen is a professional thief who operates in the Melbourne underworld.


Order of Stanley Hastings Books

Stanley Hastings is the protagonist in a series of hardboiled mystery novels by American novelist Parnell Hall. Stanley Hastings is just as tough as he sounds – completely inept, somewhat of a coward and reluctantly working as a private investigator who works for a lawyer in New York City. Stanley is in his 40s and […]


Order of Lew Archer Books

Lew Archer is the central character in a series of hardboiled mystery novels by American-Canadian author Ross Macdonald. Archer is a private detective who works out of Southern California in the 1950’s. His characteristics initially started out very similar to that of Philip Marlowe, although he would diverge later on. The novels The Moving Target […]


Order of Ross Macdonald Books

Ross Macdonald was the pen name of American-Canadian author Kenneth Millar (1915-1983). During his career, Macdonald wrote crime fiction/mystery novels, largely featuring P.I. Lew Archer that were set in Southern California. Along with Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler, he is considered to be one of the masters of hardboiled mysteries. His plots were complex, usually […]


Order of Tom Piccirilli Books

Tom Piccirilli is an American author of poetry, horror, thrillers, erotica, fantasy and hardboiled crime fiction. He has won the Bram Stoker Award four times and a two-time winner of the International Thriller Writers Award.