Order of Grant Stevens Books

Grant Stevens is the protagonist in a series of military thriller novels by author Jamie Fredric. Commander Grant Stevens is an intelligence officer and a Navy SEAL who works along with Lt. Joe Adler on various missions and covert operations.


Order of Jamie Fredric Books

Jamie Fredric is an author of military thriller novels. He writes the Navy SEAL Grant Stevens series.


Order of John Stratton Books

John Stratton is the central character in a series of military thriller novels by British author Duncan Falconer. Much like the author himself, Stratton is an SBS commando who has been stationed in Northern Ireland.


Order of Duncan Falconer Books

Duncan Falconer is the pen name of a British novelist of military thriller novels. He writes the John Stratton series. Falconer has already done the most important type of research for his particular genre – real-life experience. Before getting into writing, Falconer was a Special Boat Service commando for the Royal Marines.


Order of Black Ops Books

Black Ops is a series of military thrillers by British novelist Eric Meyer. The series follows various squads, including SEAL Team Bravo and Echo Six, in Black Ops missions.


Order of Dalton Fury Books

Dalton Fury wasan American author of military thriller novels and non-fiction. Dalton spent over 20 years serving in the military, fifteen of which were spent in the Special Forces. He served as Ground Force Commander during the Battle of Tora Bora. He has since retired from the military and now writes fiction. He was also […]


Order of Don Mann Books

Don Mann is an American author of military thriller novels and non-fiction books. When he himself was in the military, Don was a decorated combat veteran, Corpsman, SEAL Special Operations Technician, survival instructor and much more. He was a member of SEAL Team Six for 17 years – the same group that hunted down Osama […]


Order of David Poyer Books

David C. Poyer is an American author of military/naval thrillers, alternative history and science fiction (the latter under the nom de plume of David Andreissen). He is best known for his Dan Lenson series. Before becoming a full-time novelist, Poyer was in the U.S. Navy, where he served as an officer and reserve captain. He […]