Order of Karen Robards Books

Karen Robards is an American author of historical romance, contemporary romance and romantic suspense. Karen’s first taste of writing came when she submitted a funny anecdote to Readers Digest. Later, a cheque came for $100 and her story made the December issue.


Order of Joy Fielding Books

Joy Fielding is a Canadian novelist of romance and suspense. Joy was submitting stories to magazines as young as 8 and writing TV scripts at age 12. She acted in the ’60s (including appearing in an episode of Gunsmoke). Her novels tend to have more popularity outside of Canada rather than within it.


Order of Troubleshooters Books

Troubleshooters is a series of military/romantic suspense novels by American author Suzanne Brockmann. The books are also known as the Seal Team 16 series. The series gained notice from the gay community when it featured a romance of an openly gay character. Brockmann is a major supporter of gay rights and dedicated Hot Target to […]


Order of Tall, Dark And Dangerous Books

Tall, Dark & Dangerous is a series of military/romantic suspense novels by American novelist Suzanne Brockmann. The series follows a group of Navy SEALs.


Order of Suzanne Brockmann Books

Suzanne Brockmann is an American author of romance novels. Suzanne is best known for her military/romantic suspense novels in her Tall, Dark & Dangerous and Troubleshooters series. Aside from that, she has written a few duologies and trilogies, but has largely written standalone novels.


Order of Erica Spindler Books

Erica Spindler is an American author of romantic thriller novels. Erica found herself sick in bed, tired of daytime TV and decided to pick up a romance novel. From then on, she was hooked. Soon after, she tried her own hand at writing them. In 1996, she moved to suspense with the novel Forbidden Fruit.


Order of Griffin Powell Books

Griffin Powell is a series of romantic suspense novels by American author Beverly Barton, featuring the Griffin Powell character.


Order of Beverly Barton Books

Beverly Barton (1946-2011) was an American novelist of romance and romantic suspense novels. She is perhaps best known for her series The Protectors, but she also wrote the Griffin Powell series, the Cherokee Pointe trilogy, the 3 Babies for 3 Brothers trilogy and many standalone novels. She passed away due to heart failure in April […]


Order of Daniel Vartanian Books

Daniel Vartanian is a fictional character featured in a series of romantic suspense/psychological thriller novels by American author Karen Rose. Daniel Vartanian is a Special Agent with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.


Order of Karen Rose Books

Karen Rose is an American author of romantic suspense. Although she largely writes standalone novels, some characters can recur in other standalone novels. She has also written the Daniel Vartanian trilogy.