Order of Mark Sava Books

Mark Sava is the protagonist in a series of spy thriller novels by American author Dan Mayland. Mark Sava is a former CIA station chief of Azerbaijan who now is living an easier life working as a university professor in Baku.


Order of James Church Books

James Church is the pen name for an American author of detective fiction/spy thriller novels. He writes the Inspector O series. Although his true identity is not revealed, what is known about him is that he grew up in California’s San Fernando Valley and that he was born in the 1940s. During Church’s career as […]


Order of Alan Craik Books

Alan Craik is the main protagonist in a series of naval/military/spy thriller novels by Gordon Kent (Christian G. Cameron & Kenneth M. Cameron). Alan Craik is a U.S. Naval Intelligence officer. A very serious character, he is determined to prove himself to his fellow soldiers, his father (himself a serviceman) and to himself.


Order of Young Bond Books

Young Bond is a series of spy thriller/adventure novels by English author Charlie Higson. The series features the James Bond character throughout adolescence. It starts out in the 1930s when the future 007 was attending Eton College.


Order of Queen & Country Books

Queen & Country is a series of spy/techno-thriller graphic novels and novels by American author Greg Rucka. The series follows Tara Chace, who works for the Minders – a special ops division of the SIS. The comic book series is published by Oni Press and drawn by various artists.


Order of Matthew Dunn Books

Matthew Dunn is a British author of spy thriller novels. His first series is his Spycatcher series. Dunn knows a thing or two about being a spy, as he spent five years in MI6 dealing with sensitive issues to the UK and its allies. He then moved on to becoming a Director in the City […]


Order of Gerald Seymour Books

Gerald Seymour is an English author of many different standalone novels. Seymour is the son of two writers – William Kean Seymour and Rosalind Wade. Before becoming an author, he was a journalist who covered events such as the Great Train Robbery, Vietnam, the Munich Olympics massacre. Several of his novels have been adapted into […]


Order of Andrew Britton Books

Andrew Britton (1981-2008) was a British-American novelist of spy thrillers. Britton was born in England, then moved to Northern Ireland and finally moved to the U.S. as a child with his family. He was in the U.S. Army for three years, serving in Korea. Britton seemed to pack a lot into his short life, becoming […]


Order of James Bond Books

James Bond is, quite simply, a cultural icon. The James Bond character was created by English author Ian Fleming in 1953. Since then, he has appeared in numerous novels and over 20 films. Currently he is being portrayed by English actor Daniel Craig, but he has also been portrayed by Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger […]