Order of The Dark Tower Books

The Dark Tower is a series of books by American author Stephen King, which he considers to be his magnum opus. The series mixes themes from fantasy, science fantasy, horror and western genres. It was inspired largely by Arthurian legend, The Lord of the Rings and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, with the main character Roland Deschain being inspired by Clint Eastwood’s Man With No Name character. (more…)


Order of Stephen King Books

Stephen King is an American author of horror, suspense, science fiction and fantasy novels. He is best-known for such published works as Carrie, The Shining and Misery – all of which have been adapted into successful films. Infact, much of King’s writing has been adapted into other mediums. Besides being a novelist, King has written many short stories and screenplays. Most of King’s works are standalone novels, with a notable exception of (The Dark Tower). He is married to fellow author Tabitha King and father of Joe Hill. (more…)


Order of Harper Connelly Books

The Harper Connelly Mysteries is a series of books by American novelist Charlaine Harris. The Harper Connelly character was struck by lightning when she was a teenager, which gave her the ability to find the dead and see how they died. The books are written in the first-person. A common theme in Charlaine Harris novels, the series takes place in the small southern town of Texarkana, Arkansas. (more…)


Order of Sookie Stackhouse Books

Sookie Stackhouse is a series of mystery novels by American author Charlaine Harris. It is also known as the Southern Vampire Mysteries and has also been retronymed as the True Blood series. The popular series was adapted into the hit HBO television series True Blood by Alan Ball (Six Feet Under). (more…)


Order of Lily Bard Books

The Lily Bard series is a series of mystery novels by American author Charlaine Harris. The series is also known as the “Shakespeare” series – not directly after the famous playwright William Shakespeare, but because it takes place in the small town of Shakespeare, Arkansas and all of the titles in the series begin with “Shakespeare’s.” (more…)


Order of Aurora Teagarden Books

Charlaine Harris‘ Aurora Teagarden series is a mystery series featuring the character of the same name. Aurora Teagarden (“Roe” for short) is a 4’11” librarian who begins the series analyzing famous murders. Like most of Harris’ novels, the Aurora Teagarden series takes place in a small town in the South. (more…)


Order of Charlaine Harris Books

American novelist Charlaine Harris is best known for her Sookie Stackhouse novels, which are also known as The Southern Vampire Mysteries. The series has been adapted to the extremely popular HBO television series True Blood. The supernatural-themed vampire series is just one of Harris’ mystery novel series. (more…)


Order of Decker and Lazarus Books

The Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus series is a series of novels by American author Faye Kellerman. The mystery series is about a married Jewish couple who solve crimes together. (more…)


Order of Faye Kellerman Books

American author Faye Kellerman is best known for her Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus series which has spanned nearly 20 novels. She also has several standalone novels on her resume. (more…)


Order of Greg Iles Books

Greg Iles is an American author who has written several New York Times Bestsellers. Most of Iles’ novels are standalone, rather than being part of series. In 2011, Iles was involved in a car accident and had to have part of a leg amputated. (more…)