Order of Honor Bound Books

The Honor Bound series is a World War II thriller series by American author W.E.B. Griffin (with his son William E. Butterworth IV co-authoring the later books). The series is set largely in Argentina. The series is based somewhat on true events and somewhat on Griffin’s own experiences. (more…)


Order of Badge Of Honor Books

Badge of Honor is a series of books by American author W.E.B. Griffin (and co-author William E. Butterworth IV). The series centers around the Philadelphia Police Department. The series starts off in the ’70s, but later the series moves into present day, despite the characters not aging anywhere near as fast. (more…)


Order of Men At War Books

The Men At War series is a book series by American novelist W.E.B. Griffin (originally under the pseudonym Alex Baldwin) and co-authored by his son William E. Butterworth IV. It focuses on the OSS (Office of Strategic Services), which was a precursor to the CIA. (more…)


Order of The Corps Books

The Corps is a series of novels by American author W.E.B. Griffin. These war novels feature characters in the Marines, Navy and the U.S. government (with most of the focus on the Marine Corps). It takes place from around the time of World War II and the Korean War. Most of the series is set in 1942, 1943 and 1950. (more…)


Order of Brotherhood of War Books

The Brotherhood of War is a series of novels by American novelist W.E.B. Griffin. The war-themed series for the most part does not deal with the battles itself, but rather the time in-between combat. The series is set between World War II and the Vietnam War. (more…)


Order of W.E.B. Griffin Books

W.E.B. Griffin is an American author who is best known for his military and detective novels in series such as The Brotherhood of War, The Corps, Men at War, Badge of Honor, Honor Bound and The Presidential Agent series. However, by the time he started gaining notoriety as W.E.B. Griffin in the eighties, he was already a prolific author under several different pen names. (more…)


Order of Hover Car Racer Books

Hover Car Racer is a sci-fi/action/sports series by Australian author Matthew Reilly. Its main character is named Jason Chaser, who goes to Race School to participate in the 21st century sport of Hover Car Racing. Hover Car Racer reads similarly to an action movie screenplay. The series may end up on the big screen after all, as Disney has purchased the rights to turn Hover Car Racer into a film. (more…)


Order of Jack West Jr. Books

Jack West Jr. is a character created by Australian author Matthew Reilly. Jack is half-American and half-Australian. Jack’s father (Jack Sr.) is a colonel in the US Army and wanted his son to follow in his footsteps. Instead, Jack Jr. joined the Australian Army and attained the rank of Captain, becoming a superior soldier to his father. The Jack West series is jam-packed with action, resembling a video game more than a series of novels. (more…)


Order of Shane Schofield Books

Shane Schofield is a fictional creation of Australian author Matthew Reilly. The character appears in an ongoing series of action-thriller novels. Schofield is a US Marine, going by the callsign “Scarecrow.” He got his callsign from the scars over his eyes the Serbs gave him. The character was based on Tom Cruise. (more…)


Order of Matthew Reilly Books

Matthew Reilly is an Australian novelist, known for his fast-paced action-thrillers. Reilly authored Contest when he was only 19. While it was rejected by every publishing company in the Sydney area, he was able to borrow some money to self-publish 1,000 copies. He then followed it up by writing Ice Station before he had even graduated from university. (more…)