Would You Pay Extra for Special Features on eBooks?

Written by Julie Vegas on Monday, March 15th, 2010

In the early days of eBooks, Amazon had been pricing their Kindle versions of novels at $9.99. Publishers were none-too-pleased with this, as they felt it would make the books less valuable. Once Apple began to offer publishers the ability to raise their price points to $14.99, Amazon is now having to go that same route.

Publishers are now looking to sell “enriched” eBooks with special features (like a DVD). Hachette is looking to sell an enriched version of David Baldacci‘s Deliver Us From Evil for a price of $15.99. This will include deleted passages not found in the regular book, research photos, an audio interview with Baldacci and photos of Baldacci writing. Hachette is working alongside Apple to design books for the iPad.. (more…)